“Is Your Business Among One of the 64 Industries and Professions Currently on the IRS Tax Audit Target List?”

If you answered “I don’t know”, then you must read this entire message!

What you are about to find out, your CPA or your Tax Attorney may not be willing to share with you!

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Being in Total Control! Because You Will Have In Your Hands The IRS Auditor’s Manual Written For Your Specific Business That Has All The Questions the Auditor Will Be Asking You and The List of Documents You Will Be Asked To Produce!

For the List of Industries and Professions Currently on the IRS Tax Audit Target List! Click here…

Why Should You Own Your Own Copy of the IRS Tax Audit Manual?

Here Are More Than a Dozen Reasons Why…

  • THE document that turned IRS generalists into SPECIALISTS in YOUR profession or industry.
  • IRS Tax Audit manuals are written specifically for the 64 key industries and professions
    currently targeted by the IRS.
  • IRS Tax Audit manuals will answer your most daunting question, “What is the IRS looking for?”
  • IRS Tax Audit manuals are thorough and well-researched.
  • IRS Tax Audit manual is a valuable asset for your business.
  • IRS Tax Audit manual will take you through a real-life audit of your business.
    The more familiar you are, the more you can be on the alert for problem areas.
  • IRS Tax Audit manual will permit you to work more effectively with your own tax professional.
  • IRS Tax Audit manuals will put your mind at ease when thinking about common non-compliance issues.
  • IRS Tax Audit manuals will guide you on how to prevent audit problems before they occur.
  • IRS Tax Audit manuals will give you the edge you need when responding to an IRS audit.
  • Easy-to-follow manuals that will walk you through every aspect of your business practice.
  • Allows you to be IN CONTROL of the audit process.
  • Learn the background secrets of the audit process.
  • Save THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in fines and penalties.
  • Move forward in the development of your business instead of wasting your energy on fear of the IRS.

“In today’s business world, you need every advantage you can get to stay one step ahead of the competitor. IRS Tax Audit Manuals will keep you one step ahead of the IRS and help you maintain control of your finances and record keeping of your business. I highly recommend it for the new or experienced business owner.”

Peter Ngaonye, CPA
Peter Ngaonye & Associates
Chicago, Illinois

“These are the best manuals you’ll ever read on an IRS tax audit. Absolutely packed with useful information that can help you through the process of the audit, including questions you will be asked and documents you will need to provide. I can’t think of a more essential tool for any business. The value of the manual far outweighs the price.”

Charles F. Wonderlic, Jr.
President, Wonderlic, Inc.
Libertyville, Illinois
Employment recruiting, assessment and retention solutions

Wonderlic tests are referenced in thousands of books on psychology and have been featured on Dateline, CNBC, Lifetime, CNNfn, and 20/20. More than 130 million people have taken Wonderlic assessments since 1937.

“Well researched and presented. I had absolutely no idea that the motor coach industry had been identified as a target for audits nor did I know that the IRS examiners were so knowledgeable about the transportation business. The information that I learned from the IRS Tax Audit Manual for the tour bus industry was incredible. It was very thoroughly researched and presented in a format that was easy for me to comprehend.

Together, with my accountant, we have made changes to my business practices that will not only help me with the IRS, but will help me to manage my business better in every respect.”

Richard L. Hausman, General Manager
Robinson Coach Company
Evanston, Illinois


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