IRS Tax Audit Target List

List of Industries and Professions Currently on the IRS Tax Audit Target List!

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Alaskan Commercial Fishing: Catcher Vessels
Alaskan Commercial Fishing: Processors and Brokers
Alternative Minimum Tax for Individuals
Artists and Art Galleries
Auto Body and Repair Industry
Auto Dealerships
Aviation Tax / Airplane Charters
Bail Bond Industry
Bars and Restaurants
Beauty and Barber Shops
Bed and Breakfasts
Business Consultants
Car Wash Industry
Carpentry / Framing
Child Care Providers
Coal Excise Tax
Commercial Banking
Commercial Printing
Computers, Electronics Retailers & Manufacturers
Construction Industry
Entertainment Industry: Important 1040 Issues
Entertainment: Music Industry
Farm Hobby Losses With Cattle & Horse Activities
Farming: Specific Income Issues and Farm Cooperatives
Furniture Manufacturing
Garden Supplies / Nurseries
Garment Contractors
Garment Manufacturers
Gas Retailers
General Livestock
Grain Farmers
Hardwood Timber Industry
Independent Used Car Dealers
Laundromat Industry
Lawsuits, Awards & Settlements
Low Income Housing Credit
Manufacturing Industry
Masonry and Concrete Industry
Mobile Food Vendors
Oil and Gas Industry
Passive Activity Losses
Pizza Restaurants
Placer Mining Industry
Poultry Industry
Port Project (Water Transportation – Port Related Industries)
Reforestation Industry
Rehabilitation Tax Credit
Retail Gift Shop
Retail Liquor Industry
Scrap Metal Industry
Shareholder Loans
Sports Franchises
Swine Farm Industry
Tobacco Industry
TourBus & Shuttle Industry
Trucking Industry
Veterinary Medicine
Wine Industry