Ministers and Clergymen Edition

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IRS Tax Audit Manual for Ministers and Clergymen 

Ministers, Members Of The Clergy and Religious Workers

If you haven’t taken a vow of poverty, this is essential information that you absolutely MUST KNOW when preparing your income tax returns.

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In 1994, 883,140 returns were audited and the numbers keep going up every year.

Can your tax returns slide through IRS computers and past IRS scrutiny? It’s possible, but what happens if your return is flagged and you become a statistic? You simply MUST KNOW the correct way to approach the situation.

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The first issue that must be determined is whether you, as a minister or member of the clergy or religious worker, are an employee or an independent contractor. The Internal Revenue Service is very focused on reclassifying independent contractors as employees. This reclassification enables the IRS to recoup huge amounts of tax dollars.

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You can have the IRS Tax Audit Manual for the Ministers and Clergymen  written specifically for Internal Revenue Service Audit Agents to use while conducting audits of Ministers and the Clergy.

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Still not sure if you need this manual? Did you know –

Ministerial services are covered by social security provisions under the Self Employment Contributions Ace (SECA). Earnings for these services are subject to self-employment tax unless:

  • The minister is a member of a religious order whose members have taken a vow of poverty, or
  • The minister has requested, and the IRS has approved, an exemption from self-employment tax.


Did you know that you could claim exemption from self-employment tax?

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To claim exemption from self-employment tax, a minister must:

  1. Be an ordained, commissioned, or licensed minister of a church or denomination
  2. File Form $361. This is an application for exemption from self-employment tax for use by ministers, members of religious orders, and Christian Science practitioners.
  3. Be conscientiously opposed to public insurance (Medicare/Medicaid and Social Security benefits) because of religious beliefs
  4. File for exemption for reasons other than economic
  5. Notify the church or order that he or she is opposed to public insurance
  6. Establish that the organization that ordained, licensed, or commissioned the minister is a tax-exempt religious organization.
  7. Establish that the organization is a church
  8. Sign and return the statement that the IRS mails to him or her to verify that he or she has requested an exemption based on the grounds listed on the statement.


Don’t forget – The IRS Tax Audit Manual for Ministers and Clergymen is tax deductible as a business expense!