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IRS Tax Audit Manual for the Tour Bus, Motorcoach and Shuttle Industry

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How long would it take you to read 21 pages? Under an hour? In just the time it takes you to read 21 pages, you will know exactly what the Internal Revenue Service Audit Agent will be looking for when they take a ride on your bus!

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The tour bus industry includes a variety of transportation companies, including charter tours, scheduled daily tours, airport shuttles, and limousine service and car rental agencies. There are both national and local companies. In one district the Internal Revenue Service found that many of these operators were paying commissions for referrals or reservations made by hotel concierges and bell staff. Often commissions are paid in cash and no Form 1099 is issued. Management of one major national franchise indicated that paying cash commissions and not issuing Form 1099 is customary throughout the United States. This act in itself makes this industry RIPE FOR THE PICKING by the IRS!Be Prepared When You’re Picked – Get Your Copy Today!The IRS MANUAL designed specifically for Internal Revenue Service Audit Agents to use while conducting audits of the Tour Bus, Motorcoach and Shuttle Industry. This is the EXACT MANUAL that the auditors use – now you can use it to your advantage and be prepared when they come knocking on your door.Still Not Convinced You Need This Manual?  Read On!

News Release:
San Francisco – The Internal Revenue Service has discovered a major pocket of non-compliance with the tax laws involving payments made to hotel employees who book tourist services. Millions of dollars in payments that should have been reported to the Internal Revenue Service over the last few years have gone unreported. We believe that most of the hotel employees who received these payments failed to report them on their income tax return.

While conducting a routine check of the financial records of a tour bus company in San Francisco, IRS agents discovered more than $1.2 million in “commissions” paid to hotel workers who booked guests from their respective hotels on tours with the tour bus company. The $1.2 million was paid during a single year. A News Release was issued at the request of the tour bus company as a notice to all companies in the industry of IRS’ compliance efforts and to inform payees of their obligations under those efforts.

On examination of other companies in the tour bus industry, IRS agents determined that virtually none of the payments made by these companies had been reported to the IRS as required. They also learned that many of the hotel workers specifically requested that their commissions be paid in cash. One owner told ITS agents, “If I told a bellman or a concierge that I wanted his or her Social Security Number so I could report the commission I pay them to the IRS, they would never call me again. They would just call one of my competitor’s.”

Tour bus companies are now facing sever penalties for failing to file the required 1099 forms. Each company is facing a penalty of $50 ($100 if failure was intentional) for EACH form that should have been filed, as well as 31% of the amount of the commission payments made. The 31% is called backup withholding. Backup withholding is required on payments by taxpayer identification number (TIM) (usually the Social Security Number). To avoid backup withholding tour bus companies will have to contact hotel employees to who they made payments to obtain their name, address and Social Security Number. The companies will then have to file delinquent 1099 forms with the IRS id they want to avoid the penalty.

Hotel employees who are contacted by the tour bus companies will be required to provide their names and accurate taxpayer identification numbers. Those hotel employees who fail to do so will be subject to penalties, and payment to them will be subject to backup withholding.

In addition to the tour bus industry, the IRS has also determined that similar non-compliance with the 1099 filing requirements has occurred in the airport shuttle, limousine, car rental, entertainment agent, and several other industries who routinely pay commissions to hotel employees.

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